Cross Country





DATE                         MEET                         LOCATION                           RACE    TIMES



Sat 8/27           Indian Run Invitational          Bridgeport Rec Complex        12:30, 1:00


Th 9/1              UHS Mid Sch Invite               UHS                                        5:00pm, 5:30pm


Sat 9/10           Stallion XC Stampede                        South Middle School              TBD


Tue 9/13          Doddridge Invitational           Doddridge County Park         5:45pm, 6:10pm                          


Tues 9/20         Tag You’re It                          Trinity Church Fairmont           TBD


Tue 9/27          Buckhannon- Mid Invi           Buckhannon, WV                   6:00pm, 6:30pm


Sat 10/1           Wild & Wet                            Cameron, WV                         TBD  


Sat 10/8           Times Invitational                   Apple Valley Golf Course- Fairmont      TBD


Tu 10/11          Doddridge Mid Inv                Doddridge County Park            4pm                   


TBA                Mon County Champ               UHS                                             TBD



*all dates and times are tentative until meet registrations are finalized


*team will arrive approximately 1 hour prior to race to warm up and preview course


* coaches/parents carpool to meets; there is no team bus


For any questions please contact:
Nicole Katz at
Aaron Nichols at