Honors and AP Level High School Work

Information for Parents


Hidden in PlaSight

Awareness Program

For Adults Only

(Open to all parents/guardians of MCS students)


When? Monday, February 13, 2017 @ 6PM

Where? Morgantown High School Auditorium


  • This program is an interactive exhibit designed to resemble a teenager’s bedroom.
  • Contains items that may be indicative of dangerous or risky behaviors
  • Topics to include substance abuse, violence, self-harm, sexting, eating disorders, juvenile crime, and more.

The audience will have around 30 minutes to “snoop and search” the display.  An informative and entertaining PowerPoint presentation will then follow.  Due to the nature of the materials presented, no youth are allowed to attend. If you must bring children, alternative activities will be provided in the gymnasium. Presenters include a combination of police officers and civilian employees with several years of experience working with adolescents.

Presented by: West Virginia State Police Crimes Against Children Unit, WV ICAC Task Force, and the WV Center for Children’s Justice