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Monongalia County Re-Entry Information for 20-21 - updated daily

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Flu Shot Info from WVU medicine:

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering drive-through flu shots for Mon and Preston County residents by appointment only at our University Towne Center Clinic beginning September 21 and ending November 14. The drive-through is open 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Friday and Saturday. Drive-through flu shots are not available on Sundays. To make your appointment for this service, please call 855-WVU-CARE (855-988-2273). If you are already scheduled to see your primary care physician for a routine visit, you can still get your flu shot then. Remember, we encourage everyone to get vaccinated for the flu, especially this year. Thank you!


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Get your pictures in the yearbook for 2020-21 even from a distance.  Read this article to learn more.

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MCS is unable to provide its employees on-site influenza inoculations this fall.

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The revised calendar pending state board approval.

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MCS Re-entry Plan -updated 8/14 Re-entry Plan

Announcement for re-entry posted on 8/14

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A Message from the Principal

To address questions and concerns of parents and guardians pertaining to students' reentry into school as we begin the blended, and distance learning options, and continuation of the WV Virtual learning, we are scheduling LIVE Zoom meetings this week.  In order to adequately prepared, please email your questions to

The online ZOOM meetings will be Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  The meeting times are as follows:

Tuesday - parents/guardians of students with blended (in-person) learning

  • 6th-grade parents - 5:30-6:15 pm
  • 7th-grade parents - 6:30-7:00 pm
  • 8th grade - 7:00-7:30 pm

Wednesday - parents/guardians of students participating in the Monongalia County School Distance learning may participate in a LIVE Zoom meeting from 5:00-5:45 pm

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Important Information for Parents and Guardians

School Messenger call from September 27, 2020

Good Day Mountaineers this is Principal Nantz with updates for school this week.  I am so excited that we are able to set the stage for you to come to school if that is the option you chose. We will be having a transition week, this week.   We will be continuing remote learning for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  You will continue to check in each period online with your teachers and complete your assignments.   On Thursday for Blended Learning, we are welcoming students with the last name A-L into school and on Friday we will welcome the M-Z group if you have selected the blended in person learning.  After that transition week, the following weeks will be as follows: 

Monday A-L     Tuesday M-Z    Wednesday A-L      Thursday M- Z     and Friday No school for Blended Learners.  You can take the day to complete work and catch up.  Teachers will be working with our Distance Learners that day.   

Remember that all students coming into the school will always be expected to wear a face covering unless it is a scheduled break approved by the teacher.  We will have lots of hand sanitizing opportunities.  Most importantly be sure to respect social distancing while at the school.   


Students that are participating in Mon Co Schools Distance learning will working with their current teachers at MMS.  Teacher will be sending you information about the expectations of MCS Distance Learning for their specific class.  Some options might be: 

  • Continuing to come online to your scheduled class as you have been doing for the last three weeks.   
  • Watching a recorded lesson online and then completing the assignments.   
  • Attend a scheduled live session for just Distance learner that the teacher has organized.   

No matter which of the above options the teacher lays out for you it is important that you complete your work for the week.  On Fridays, you will be given a time to check in with your teacher during the scheduled period.  This will be a time to ask questions, get clarification on assignments and work, or an opportunity for the teacher to be sure you are engaged.   

Each teacher at MMS for MCS Distance Learning will send via Schoology and will have it posted on the front page of the class in Schoology their specific expectations.  This will be posted by 3:30 on Tuesday.   

Thinking of changing your mind about which option is best for your family.  Just call the school or email me of the change and we can make that happen.   

I know that all the uncertainty and changes have been unsettling for all.  Mountaineers we have this, and we will settle into a new routine over the next few weeks.  Thanks for the flexibility and all the resiliency during these times.  Mountaineers we are Making a Difference by taking care of ourselves and other.  This information will be posted on the website by Monday morning if you need to see it again for clarity.  Have a good evening.