PD for Professionals!
Chromebook repairs - info coming out next week!
Pic: 7th Grade Part 1
7th Grade Part 1
Pic: 7th Grade Part 2
7th Grade Part 2
Pic: 7th Grade Part 3
7th Grade Part 3
Pic: 7th Grade Part 4
7th Grade Part 4
Pic: 8th Grade--Part 1
8th Grade--Part 1
Pic: 8th Grade--Part 2
8th Grade--Part 2
Pic: 6th Grade Part 1
6th Grade--Part 1
Pic: 6th Grade--Part 2
6th Grade--Part 2
Pic: 6th Grade--Part 3
6th Grade--Part 3
Pic: 6th Grade--Part 4
6th Grade--Part 4

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Getting Back to School 2020 Back to School Updates 2020

At the direction of the Monongalia County Board of Education, Mon County schools’ administrators have developed a...

Chromebook Digital Camp 4 online teacher

Yes!  Chromebook Digital Camp for Professionals!

Summer Programming for All Summer Sizzles!

Check out the MCS Summer Offerings for students of all ages!

Attention: 6th Grade Parents Pic: 6th Grade Parents

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