Remote Learning FAQ

Remote Learning FAQ

Q: When does my child have to get online for classes?

A: Students need to follow the school's remote learning bell schedule, which starts at 7:50 a.m. and ends at 3:10 p.m.


Q: Does my child attend classes every day or every other day in remote learning?

A: Students will attend remote learning every day. If a student must miss a class, parents should complete our online absence form.


Q: How does my child log on to Schoology?

A: If your child is already logged on to their Chromebook, they only need to click on the Schoology tab at the top of our school's webpage. If your child is on another device, the best way to get to Schoology is to first log into their Google account (the username and password are what students use to log onto their Chromebooks) at and then go to our school's website and click on the Schoology tab. This link is specific to Monongalia County schools, so just going to will NOT work. Another option is to use a mobile device, download the Schoology app, and then log on to Schoology that way.


Q: How does my child know what classes they have?

A: Log in to Schoology (see the Q&A just above), and then students can view their courses once logged in. Teachers have been asked to label their classes to also show what period the class meets.


Q: How does my child know how to access live lessons?

A: Once a student has accessed a class in Schoology, they can find the teacher's post about live access.


Q: How will my child know what assignments are due?

A: This will be communicated with students via Schoology. They will have to look at each class to see specific class assignments and attend live sessions for specific teacher directions.


Q: Why is my student getting a privacy restriction message when trying to access a Schoology conference?

A: In most situations, this is caused when the student is using a parent's account. Make sure that your student is logged in to Schoology with their account.


Q: How does my child sign in to from a device other than their Chromebook?

A: Go to, and your student needs to log in with their same username as they use for their Chromebook and then add Their password is the same as what they enter for their Chromebook.


We will update this page as needed, but if you didn't find your answer here, please email Mr. Conrad at or call Westwood at 304-291-9300.