Letter about Arctic Academy for Parents

Dear Parents,

 As we continue to proceed through the winter months, Monongalia County Schools is excited about the prospect of implementing an “Arctic Academy Day” when appropriate. An Arctic Academy Day is designed for the purpose that students can continue to learn while at home through provided curriculum. Students are expected to participate in the Arctic Academy by completing all provided assignments. Students in grades 6-12 will complete assignments designed by their teachers that have been preloaded to their student Chromebooks.

These assignments do not require internet for completion.

These assignments will be downloaded (at school) using their Chromebook. Many of the Arctic Academy assignments will be located in Offline documents on their Chromebook. Each teacher will communicate a method(s) of how the activities will be placed on their Chromebook, as well as, the manner students will turn in these assignments.

The expectations of the Arctic Academy Day will be assignments of approximately twenty minutes, per class, that they are enrolled in during the current term (MHS will consist of approximately 40 minutes, per class, based on their odd/even school day). All work assigned will be work that can be completed independently and consist of review material and nothing that contains newly presented information. All assignments can be turned in within a minimum of 2 days upon return to school. Any work assignments turned in after 5 days will be marked as a missing assignment. All accommodations will be addressed by your child’s teacher.

Your student’s attendance will be based upon the completion of the assignments and time spent on completing them through the provided materials. We realize the importance of the home and school connection and encourage you to be aware of and support the Arctic Academy activities.

You will receive a SchoolMessenger call that will indicate that it is a day where students stay at home and it will be used for Arctic Academy learning.   So, listen carefully to calls coming home.

This will be the notification that your student will be responsible for accessing the Arctic Academy assignments. 

Teachers will be available on an Arctic Academy Day and will respond to emails, Engrade messages or Google Classroom requests to answer questions your student may have regarding the assignment. While it may not be possible for a teacher to immediately respond to your student, please be aware the best methods of contact is through email or message the teachers through Engrade.

After our first Arctic Academy day, we will evaluate its success and address things that came up.  So, please be patient as we venture into our first possible Arctic Academy day in 2018.  If students have issues they cannot address on that day - please make sure they bring it to their teachers' attention upon returning to school.

We continue to recognize the importance of home and school partnerships in educating our students. Thank you for your support. It is an essential component of a student’s success.

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