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Sites for Teachers to use with Students

Go Guardian - This is a site that allows teachers to monitor students' participation and engagement in class as well as allowing the teacher to limit or allow appropriate Internet resources for students.

iReady - This site contains reading and math reports and activities that allow teachers to monitor students' progress in these areas and assign activities to reinforce or support learning in the classroom.

Schoology - This is the platform we use for entering grades, communicating with students and parents through messaging, and sharing assignments and instruction.  

PBIS Rewards - This site is used by teachers to acknowledge appropriate student behavior.

Flex Time - This site is used by teachers to list special classes, instructional support,  or activites.  Students use this site to sign-up for these activities,

Common Sense Media - This site provides lessons for teachers on cyber-safety, establishing a digital footprint, how to avoid or overcome cyber-bullying, and more.  This site has the required lessons for CIPA compliance.

Discovery Education - This is a site that is available to middle and high school teachers in Monongalia County.  Teachers have access to lessons, videos, and creative tools for teachers and students 

World Book Online - This site is available to Monongalia County teachers that provide encyclopedia-style information, virtual online tours, timelines, etc.

MyVRSpot - This site is available to Mon. County teachers to share videos, create video and audio recordings, portfolios, and more.

WVGSA - This is the state testing platform used for summative assessments as well as interim that can be used to monitor students' learning of grade-level concepts throughout the year.

Math Assessment Project - This site is part of the Math Design Collaborative initiated by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  This site has assessments and lessons to help teachers provide a deeper understanding of 21st-century math skills.

MCS Math Teacher Resources - This county site includes resources for math teachers.